NAB 2015 - by  Eric Michael Cap

While 1080p (aka "Full-HD") Video is still today's standard for most low-to-moderate productions, more & more high-end projects are being shot on 4K cameras previously reserved for Cinema. 4k provides sharper down-converted 1080p video, gives editors the ability to crop in post, and future proofs projects. There are a host of sub $10k 4k cameras available for rental by Sony (FS7 & A7S), BlackMagic (Cinema), Canon (1DC), Panasonic (GH4) & RED. And while the jury is out on whether consumers are willing to pay extra for 4K TV's that provide little noticeable picture quality improvement from normal living room viewing distances, prices are dropping and streaming media services like Netflix & Amazon are planning to stream 4k content, albeit "compressed". HDR (High-Dynamic-Range) is the other big development being pioneered by Dolby and now supported by Adobe Premiere Pro, HDR increases the color gamut, producing stunning high contrast images.


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